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Origin of Tit Tar

The word Tit Tar - comes from Chinese 跌打 which means 'fall and fight', it is a special bone setting technique from Ancient Chinese used to heal a person physical injury during the warring states warfare.

Wah Toh is a famous Chinese physician born in late Eastern Han dynasty. (1640 x 1600 px).p

The initial of Tit Tar could be traced back as early back in 200B.C (late Eastern Han dynasty).

It was created by ‘Wah Toh’ - one of the most famous Chinese medicine practitioner in the history. Back on those days, it was filled with chaos and war and people suffered much. With the development of Tit Tar, soldiers that are physically injured on the battlefield are able to be healed in a quick and effective way. Tit Tar is also closely associated with Chinese martial art. 

The Story of Wah Toh

Wah Toh is well known for his fascinating skills in medicine, but a few did know that he was originally a scholar, but gave up his good fortune for the sake of the masses which are suffering from sick and endless war. 

Historical records mark down how remarkable Wah Toh’s practice on medicine has been. He is so adept that he did not need to weigh to get the right proportions of medicines in balance.

If the sickness is affected internally, where the needles and medicine could not be reach, Wah Toh would conduct an operation. The diseased parts will be removed with the patient fully insensate. He is the first to create anaesthesia in human history, that was by 2000 years ago!

Despite Wah Toh’s amazing ability,
his latter years aren’t pleasant...


The first anaesthesia in human history

He was sentenced to death penalty after refusing to be Cao Cao’s [a powerful warlord at the late Han dynasty] personal physician. 

Nonetheless, Wah Toh’s dedication to the

medical and noble sentiments for serving others has been spread for centuries until present. We are blessed to enshrine the spirits of Wah Toh and authenticity of Tit Tar until today.

Wah Toh would travel along villages and treat anyone that came to him, in a time where only riches could be cured.


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