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3 Tips to Stay on Track : Working from Home

At a time of great uncertainty, there is an increase of people working from home.

Whether you've chosen to, or've been told to take extra precautions, We've got 3 tips to help you stay focussed and motivated.

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1. Set Boundaries

Try to set certain working hours to get what you need to done.

Make a checklist in the morning, and let your friends know you're working till 6pm or you're free after lunch to get back to them.

2. Embrace the Space

Delicate a space that's yours for a specific time period so you can distract free.

If you're used to a busy office, play music or a podcast to fill the empty space and help you get into the zone.

3. Don't be Cinderella

Sure, tidy up or get some laundry going before you start work, but cleaning can disguise itself a procrastination too!

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