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Elbow Joint Injuries & Alignment Techniques by Master Lilee

In this Fundamental Online Workshop, you will experience the Unique Technique of Bone Setting, explore the knowledge of basic body structures and understanding of injuries that can cause damage to the joints. 🙌🏻

👉 You will learn a set of recovery Bone Setting Technique that can be implement for yourself and others. Step-by-step guidance skills by Master Lilee.

What you will learn;

✅ Fundamental / Basic Body Structure (General understanding of body anatomy and functions of body joints.)

✅ Conceptual Technique Theory & Skills

✅ Self-Diagnosis Methods (Ways to evaluate body joints injury: what to test, how to test, what to look for.)

✅ Physical Fitness Stretching (Physical Stretching program that can improve your range of motion, postures, and flexibility.)

For more info:

💻Register Link:

📞WhatsApp: +6011-11433362

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