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How do they align body structure with bare hands?

You probably heard about bone setting or body alignment before, but how does it work? Does it actually work?

Well, the process of bone setting is more than magical.

They don't need machines, surgeries or cuts

Just a bed, a practitioner, and with 20 minutes time, your pain can be eased and you'll feel lightness all over your body!

There are a large range of problems can be treated by bone alignment, including: body and joint pain, hunchback, stiffness and soreness, scoliosis, unbalanced shoulders, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder and even walking difficulties!

Back to our topic, how does it actually works?

Pressure will be applied to manipulate the joints to realign bone structure into correct position. By doing this compression along the body will be released, reducing pain and discomfort.

Hunchback Treatment

This treatment technique can be tracked back 2000 years ago,

it was used to treat Ancient China soldiers that are injured on battlefield in a quick but efficient way!


Almost 85% of adults are suffering on chronic body pain daily, and 25% of elderly face the problem of losing mobility.

"We are trying to bring out awareness of how important bone setting is, as a lot of suffering and loss of mobility could be prevented if they were treated earlier."

- Master Lilee, founder of Wah Toh Tit Tar.

Contact us today and live free from body pain.

📞Call/WhatsApp: 011-1143 3362

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