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Feeling pain on Knee Joint all the time? Things you need to DO and AVOID

Knee arthritis patients exercise the muscles around the joints to provide more powerful support to the knee joint, reduce knee pressure, and relieve pain.

According to the 2015 reports on China's Cognitive Prevention and Treatment of Osteoarthritis, 8.1% of China's population suffers from knee arthritis. According to Chun Yujun's calculation (China Medical website), it is about 106 million people. We do often hear middle-aged and elderly people around us complaining about uncomfortable knees and inconvenience of going upstairs, and even many young people have joined the group of knee arthritis patients too. 

For these group of patient, the most troublesome would be "PAIN". In addition to physical therapy and drug therapy, exercise is also a good way to relieve chronic pain in the knee. Willibald Nagler, director of the New York Hospital Rehabilitation Medicine Center, said: Strengthening the muscles around the joints can provide stronger support for the knee joint and reduce the pressure on the knee,

Thereby preventing further joint deterioration and alleviating joint pain. But not every exercise and every movement can relieve pain, it is important to choose the correct movement. Which movements are good for joints? How to do? What actions can't be done?

1. Mini Squad

-Stand upright, support the back of the chair with both hands, open your feet, and shoulder width.

-Slowly bend your knees to lower your body a few centimeters (cm). -Keep your feet flat, don't let your knees over your toes. -Hold for 6 seconds. -Tighten the hips, move the center of gravity upward, and stand upright.


2. Quadriceps Stretch

-Keep your body upright and support the chair back with one hand. -One leg back, keep your knees bent and your back straight. -Move the center of gravity downward until you feel a stretch. -Hold for 10 seconds. -Relax and change another leg.


What actions are not recommended?

The actions that are not recommended are: full knee extension, deep lunge, squat, hurdle extension. These actions are not recommended because they are difficult. If it can't be perform correctly, it is easy to cause further damage to the knee joint, which will worsen the condition of the knee joint.


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